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There are various ways of doing business, but there are some basic questions that you should ask when considering a security system purchase.

Q: What is the length of my contract if I sign up for monitoring?
A: With Security Systems, Inc., this will vary based on the amount paid at the time of installation and the type of system installed. Typically, contracts range from 1-3 years.


Q: What are the renewal terms of the contract?
A: After the initial terms of the contract have been fulfilled, many contracts renew for a year at a time. With many providers, your contract will automatically be renewed thirty days prior to the contract end date unless you send a letter of cancellation. Security Systems, Inc. operates on a month-by-month basis once the initial contract time period has been fulfilled. With us, you will not be automatically renewed for a new contract period without your consent or request.


Q: If I have to break my contract, is there a penalty for early cancellation?
A: With many companies, failure to pay your bill will affect your credit rating. With Security Systems, Inc., any possible penalties would be based on the remaining length of your contract. However, we encourage our customers to communicate with us and work with us to come to an amenable solution for both parties.


Q: Can my monitoring rate be raised during the length of my contract?
A: Many companies do not guarantee your rate to remain the same for the length of the contract. Security Systems, Inc. guarantees your rate to remain the same for as long as you are our monitored customer.


Q: What constitutes a “billable service call”?
A: Service call fees can be very expensive, especially if the service agent is a contracted agent (Contracted agents service another companies clients. These agents are not employees of the security company that holds your contract.) Security Systems, Inc. includes free warranty on parts and labor (which includes service) for the first 12 months of the contract.  There are service fees associated with adding additional equipment.


Q: What is the warranty on the equipment installed in my home or property?
A: An initial 12-month warranty our parts and labor is included and we also offer optional extended coverage after the 12 months are up.  

Q: What if I move and I'm under a contract?

A: If you plan to sign a new monitoring agreement at your new residence, we will move the system 1 time within our service area at no additional cost to you.

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